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Valid human and mouse gene symbols can be updated frequently. Use these functions to get the most current lists of valid symbols, which you can then use as an input to the map argument of checkGeneSymbols. Make sure to change the default species="human" argument to checkGeneSymbols if you are doing this for mouse. Use getCurrentHumanMap for HGNC human gene symbols from and getCurrentMouseMap for MGI mouse gene symbols from




A data.frame that can be used for map argument of checkGeneSymbols function


if (FALSE) {
## human
new.hgnc.table <- getCurrentHumanMap()
checkGeneSymbols(c("3-Oct", "10-3", "tp53"), map=new.hgnc.table)

## mouse
new.mouse.table <- getCurrentMouseMap()
## Set species to NULL or "mouse" 
checkGeneSymbols(c("Gm46568", "1-Feb"), map=new.mouse.table, species="mouse")