Bug Reports

If you’ve found an issue that causes unintended behavior, please report it to us through a GitHub issue if someone has not already done so. Be sure to include a small example of how we can reproduce the unintended behavior so we can fix it quickly.

Feature Requests

We will gladly consider feature request and, upon acceptance, implement them or advise you on how to do so and submit a pull request. In either case, please get in touch first through a GitHub issue and we will discuss the feature request.

User Support

If something remains unclear after you’ve thoroughly read all sections of the package website, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the Bioconductor support site. Read through the posts at https://support.bioconductor.org/tag/curatedMetagenomicData first; and if there’s nothing that helps, ask a question with the curatedMetagenomicData tag and we’ll respond quickly.

Pull Requests

We will welcome pull request that fit within the scope of the package and help resolve outstanding issues. If you would like to submit a pull request that adds a feature, please get in touch first to make sure the addition is needed.