Lab Members

Marcel Ramos, MPH

Research Associate

Marcel is a Research Associate with a Masters in Public Health. He led the development of the MultiAssayExperiment Bioconductor class and is a member of the Bioconductor core team.

Sehyun Oh, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Oh completed a PhD in molecular biology from the University of Minnesota. She develops systems for the analysis of massive genomic and transcriptomic data in the Cloud.

Kelly Eckenrode, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Kelly is a Postdoctoral Fellow at ISPH. She received her PhD in Molecular Biology from CUNY Graduate Center. She is interested in understanding more about the physiology of microbial communities by using multiomic data.

Chloe Mirzayi, MPH

Doctoral Student

Chloe is a doctoral student in Epidemiology with research interests in bioinformatics and software development, focusing on the field of human microbiome studies.

Rimsha Azhar, MS

Research Assistant

Rimsha first joined the lab as an undergraduate intern from the New York City College of Technology, and now works as a research assistant on curation and standardization projects.

Fatima Zohra, MPH

Research Assistant

Fatima became a research assistant after completing an MPH in Epidemiology and Biostatistics at CUNY SPH, with fieldwork and Capstone work in the Waldron lab. Fatima works on the curation of microbiome studies.

Lab Alumni

2016-2018Lucas Schiffer, MPHResearch Assistant
2016-2018Audrey RensonMPH Capstone, Research Assistant
2015-2016Lavanya Kannan, PhDPostdoctoral Fellow
2014Ragheed Al-DulaimiResearch Assistant
2018-2020Shaimaa El-Safoury, MPHMPH Capstone, Research Assistant
2017-2020Ludwig Geistlinger, PhDPost-doctoral Fellow
2019-2020Asya Khledorodova, PhDResearch Assistant

Graduate Student Mentorship

2021Martha MartinCUNY SPHMaster’s Fieldwork
2021Frans CuevasCUNY SPHMaster’s Fieldwork
2021Joyessa DeyCUNY SPHMaster’s Fieldwork
2021Samara KhanCUNY SPHMaster’s Fieldwork
2021Kweku AmooCUNY SPHMaster’s Fieldwork
2021Clare GrieveCUNY SPHMaster’s Fieldwork/Thesis
2021Tangirul IslamCUNY SPHMaster’s Fieldwork
2020Yu WangNYUResearch Assistant
2020Philippe Michael LuteteCUNY SPHMaster’s Fieldwork
2020Victoria GoulbourneCUNY SPHMaster’s Fieldwork
2020Zyaijah BaileyCUNY SPHMaster’s Fieldwork
2020William LamCUNY SPHMaster’s Fieldwork/Thesis
2020Mst Afroza ParvinCUNY SPHMaster’s Fieldwork
2020Cynthia AndersonCUNY SPHMaster’s Fieldwork
2020Lucille MellorCUNY SPHMaster’s Fieldwork
2019-20Utsav PatelCUNY SPHMaster’s Fieldwork/Thesis
2019-presentChloe MirzayiCUNY SPHPhD Sponsor
2018-19Fatima ZohraCUNY SPHMaster’s Fieldwork/Thesis
2018-19Marianthi ThomatosCUNY SPHMaster’s Fieldwork/Thesis
2018-19Kelly JackCUNY SPHMaster’s Fieldwork/Thesis
2018-19Andy SamedyCUNY SPHMaster’s Fieldwork/Thesis
2018-19Phyu HanCUNY SPHMaster’s Fieldwork
2017-18Nidhi SainiCUNY SPHMaster’s Fieldwork
2017-18Jaya AmatyaCUNY SPHMaster’s Fieldwork
2017Jochen RaimannCUNY SPHMaster’s Fieldwork/Thesis
2017Audrey RensonCUNY SPHMaster’s Fieldwork/Thesis
2016 - 2018Carmen Rodriguez CabreraCUNY SPHMaster’s Fieldwork/Thesis, Research Assistant
2015 - 2016Peter ChernekHunter CollegeMaster’s Fieldwork/Thesis
2015 - 2016Jamie WoodHunter CollegeMaster’s Fieldwork/Thesis
2015 - 2016Tiffany ChanHunter CollegeMaster’s Fieldwork/Thesis
2014 - 2015Jasmine Nicodemus GenoveseHunter CollegeMaster’s Fieldwork/Thesis
2014Michelle GlaserHunter CollegeIndependent Study
2014 - presentAnna StachelCUNY SPHDoctoral Sponsor
2014Angela LaurioHunter CollegeDoctoral Dissertation Reader
2014Finn SchubertHunter CollegeIndependent Study
2014Jesica Rodriguez-LopezHunter CollegeIndependent Study
2014 - 2015Shirley YangHunter CollegePredictive Modeling Club
2014 - 2015Finn SchubertHunter CollegePredictive Modeling Club
2014Lindsay BrookHunter CollegePredictive Modeling Club
2014Henry WangHunter CollegePredictive Modeling Club
2014 - 2015Kezhen FeiHunter CollegePredictive Modeling Club
2014 - 2015Jennifer BriteHunter CollegePredictive Modeling Club
2014Cristina PollariHunter CollegePredictive Modeling Club
2014Cody BoppertHunter CollegePredictive Modeling Club
2014Henry WangHunter CollegePredictive Modeling Club
2014Siyuan MaHarvard UniversityResearch Mentorship
2014 - 2015Yuqing ZhangBoston UniversityValidation of Genomic Classifiers
2014 - 2014Misato GbedemahCUNY SPHHIV Care Coordination Engagement Study
2014 - 2014Barry MaCUNY SPHCuration of Breast Cancer Data
2013Taylor FriedmanDana Farber Cancer InstituteResearch Mentorship
2013 - 2015Jasmine AbdelnabiCUNY SPHHGNChelper R Package
2012 - 2013Craig BielskiHarvard UniversityMaster’s Thesis Reader
2012 - 2013Princy ParsanaHarvard UniversityResearch Mentorship
2012 - 2013Christoph BernauUniversity of MünchenResearch Mentorship
2011 - 2012Ben GanzfriedHarvard UniversityResearch Mentorship
2010 - 2013Yo Sup MoonHarvard UniversityResearch Mentorship

Undergraduate Interns

2017Abzal BacchusNew York City College of TechnologyBioinformatics Student Intern
2015 - 2016Faizan MalikNew York City College of TechnologyBioinformatics Student Intern
2015 - 2017Rimsha AzharNew York City College of TechnologyBioinformatics Student Intern
2015Benjamin JosephNew York City College of TechnologyBioinformatics Student Intern
2015Ahou EbyNew York City College of TechnologyBioinformatics Student Intern
2015Stephie LouisNew York City College of TechnologyBioinformatics Student Intern

High School Interns

2020 -Jonathan YePoolesville High SchoolBioinformatics Student Intern
2015 - 2016David YaffeMillburn High SchoolBioinformatics Student Intern