For those interested, here is a list of recommended textbooks for learning R and getting into Data Science.

As my students know, teaching is one of my passions and I truly enjoy it. I’ve had the opportunity to teach workshops and short courses around the world. Below is a sample describing my teaching endeavours.

CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy

Principles of Biostatistics

This is an introductory course for first-year students in our MPH program. I introduced the free OpenIntro Statistics textbooks to this course, and keep a YouTube channel of the lectures every semester that I teach it.

Applied Biostatistics II

This required course for MPH and doctoral students takes a hands-on approach to teaching generalized linear models, survival analysis, and multilevel modeling. I adapted this course to become the first introduction to R for many students in our program.

University of Trento (Italy)

Applied Statistics for High-Throughput Biology

I developed this course for my Fulbright scholarship to Italy in 2016, and have since offered it again in 2017, and in 2018 at the University of Verona. The course syllabus and all materials are available at

Epidemiology and Population Health Summer Institute at Columbia University (EPIC)

Functional Meta’omic Analyses for Microbial Communities

This is a two-day workshop that I have co-instructed with my former post-doc mentor Curtis Huttenhower every year since 2016. It offers a brief introduction to sequence analysis of shotgun metagenomic sequencing data and statistical analysis of human microbiome data.

Bioconductor workshops

I have offered numerous short workshops teaching students how to use the tools developed by my lab, at the annual Bioconductor conferences (materials, the NYC R/Bioconductor for Genomics meetup, and at other places when invited.