All functions

cBioCache() setCache() removePackCache() removeDataCache()

Manage cache / download directories for study data


Obtain pre-packaged data from cBioPortal and represent as a MultiAssayExperiment object


A class for representing the cBioPortal API protocol

cBioPortal() getStudies() clinicalData() molecularProfiles() mutationData() molecularData() searchOps() geneTable() samplesInSampleLists() sampleLists() allSamples() genePanels() getGenePanel() genePanelMolecular() getGenePanelMolecular() getSampleInfo() getDataByGenePanel() getDataByGenes()

The R interface to the cBioPortal API Data Service


Download data from the cBioPortal API

downloadStudy() untarStudy() loadStudy()

Manually download, untar, and load study tarballs


[Deprecated] Available studies from cBioPortal